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'You could feel there was something wrong with Novak Djokovic,' says Patrick Mouratoglou

Novak Djokovic at Roland Garros

Patrick Mouratoglou says it was a poor start that cost Novak Djokovic the French Open final.

Djokovic was bageled in the first set by Nadal, who kept up the relentless pace and took the second set too.

In the two opening sets of the final, Djokovic was only able to win two games in total. He made a much better match if it in the third set, but it was too late by then.

And it was that uncharacteristic slow start that ultimately cost him his chance, according to Mouratoglou.

"Of course Rafa played his match, and that's a good thing about him," Mouratoglou said.

"You are never disappointed, as he always plays his match. Whether he wins or loses, Rafa is always there, starting the encounter solidly and seeing what's happening, stepping up if he needs to. That's exactly what Novak didn't do from the start."

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Mouratoglou also suggested that there may have been something 'wrong' with Novak Djokovic, and claimed it might have been a mental issue.

"You could feel something wrong because he was looking for easy points, trying drop shots here and there, like those four drop shots in the first game.

"Novak wasn't prepared to rally and go for it and hit winners to give himself the chance to win that match.

"He didn't enter the court playing with the same mindset as the one we know.

"It happens to everyone, that's why tennis is interesting because it's not only about entering and playing your match there are many other aspects. The mental aspect is huge."

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